M-a lovit inspiratia 9


I used to look at empty spaces
With eyes so shut i did not see
That tears were faling on the faces
That sometimes made me happy, free
I’ve crushed the hearts of endless souls
That hold my hand into the night
And all the suffering left holes
And broken pieces in my heart
I thought that wearing all that make-up
Will hide the pain I held inside
And in the end i’ve choosed to break-up
To let-it go, to step aside
Those empty spaces that i’ve starred
Now have become a part of me
I’ll never be again that scarred
‘Couse void is my identity

In ultima vreme ma loveste cam des inspiratia asta, o sa fiu tot mov…Daca am gresit vreo ceva, sa ma trageti de maneca, am facut doar rusa si franceza in scoala, engleza am invatat-o de la televizor.

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